RAC-NJ's work was made possible with generous seed funding from the Michael & Alice Kuhn Foundation.

As a project of the Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism, RAC-NJ seeks to ensure that New Jersey’s Reform Jews are heard and heeded as Jews in Trenton, and that our communities’ Jewish values, including pikuach nefeshpikuach nefeshפִּקּוּחַ נֶפֶשׁThe concept that saving a life overrides all other biblical commandments. , chesedchesed shel emetחֶסֶד שֶׁל אֱמֶתCompassionate concern and kindness of the living for a deceased. , and tzedektzedekצדקJustice , are included in policymaking as our state leaders work to build a more just and compassionate society for all New Jersey residents. 

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Legislative Agenda

  • RAC-NJ is in the midst of its civic engagement campaign focused on mobilizing our congregations to become 100 percent voting congregations in 2020, combatting voter suppression, engaging student voters, and making sure that our congregants become Vote-By-Mail experts for November and beyond. To learn more, please reach out to Sarah Blaine or RAC-NJ’s civic engagement campaign volunteer leader, Brion Feinberg at brionf@trt.org.  
  • On August 6, RAC-NJ will be launching its issue research teams to research and build a legislative campaign based in our congregants’ common values as we seek to respond to the pandemic, the economic crisis, and the continuation of economic inequity.  

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  • Contact Sarah Blaine, Lead Organizer, to learn more and get involved.
  • You can support this critical organizing work in New Jersey online or by contacting Kenneth Cohen.

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Civic engagement

​​​​​Civic engagement is central to RAC-NJ’s work, as we cannot ensure that our voices are heard and heeded in Trenton if we do not participate in our democratic processes. We encourage all New Jersey congregations to participate in and support Every Voice, Every Vote: the Reform Movement’s 2020 Civic Engagement Campaign to combat voter suppression, educate voters about the latest election law changes in New Jersey, and to support our congregations in making their voices heard as 100% voting congregations.

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